It's officially time to build.

With venture capital fund Founderment as the lead investor, we have just raised $1 million in pre-seed funding only two months after creating Holdbar.

No excuses. Let's build the best software platform for experience operators and creators so we can succeed in our mission of helping them get more bookings and happier guests.

The tours & activities industry is the fastest-growing vertical in travel and tourism, but it is an industry that is very digitally immature. On a global scale, it is estimated that around half of all bookings are still handled offline, and a recent survey found that half of all day-experience operators don't even use an online booking system. In other words, half of all bookings are manually handled. In a $150 billion industry.  This is something we need to fix.

The need for better digital tools and adoption within the tours & activities industry is one of the recently published mega-trends by Skift, a leading travel media and research company. So let’s get started.

Founded by two industry entrepreneurs

Holdbar is founded by CEO Lasse Kjær og CTO Lars Daniel Blom Rasmussen. For 10 years, we have collaborated closely with more than 2,000 experience operators in Scandinavia, building the leading experience platform in the region: Truestory.

From our work with Truestory, we have seen firsthand how many operators have out-of-date and inefficient systems to support their business and booking availability… And in many cases, they don’t have a system at all.

This has made it nearly impossible for the operator to integrate into distribution channels, and it has created a very bad customer experience of not being able to book directly.

The ambition is to create the all-in-one software platform

With Holdbar, we want to help operators optimize and streamline their business processes, including their entire sales flow and digital offering.

Holdbar not only provides a digital booking system, and even a website, but also helps the operator digitize and streamline group requests, marketing, business intelligence, and much more.

Holdbar makes it easier for operators to integrate with other stakeholders in the industry seamlessly, and it creates a better customer experience for the guests.

Today, we have 30 customers running their bookings and gift card sales on our closed beta and more than 50 operators waiting to access Holdbar v1.

The investment allows us to scale up our team and move faster, especially on the product side of the business.

Join us

To build the best possible product, we need great, talented people. If you are interested in joining our team, look at our open positions here. More will be published soon.
If you are work with tours and activities and want to try out Holdbar, send me an email at or sign up for the waitlist here.

$1 million pre-seed funding to Holdbar 🔥